I. Works for the Stage
 II. Instrumental Works
 1.Symphonic Works
 2.Works for small Orchestra
 3.Solo Instruments with large Orchestra
 4.Solo Instruments with Chamber Orchestra
 5.Works for Wind Orchestra
 6.Chamber Music for Wind Instruments
 7.Chamber Music Works for mixed Wind Ensemble
 8.Chamber Music Works for Strings
 9.Chamber Music Works for mixed Strings Ensemble
 10.Chamber Music Works for mixed Ensemble
 11.Compositions for Guitar
 12.Compositions for Harp
 13.Compositions for Piano and Harpsichord
 14.Compositions for Organ
 15.Compositions for Percussion
 16.Compositions for Accordion
   17.Compositions for Dulcimer
 III. Vocal Works
 IV. Music for Theatre, Radio and Film
 V. Arrangements
 VI. Shorter Liturgical Compositions


Complete works listed by opus number


Music for children

Christmas Music