III. Vocal Works
1. Sacred Vocal Works    
THE SHRINE OF THE MARTYRS (in German and Latin) for 5 Soloists, mixed Choir, Boys' Choir, Speaker, 3 Organs, Percussion Ensemble and large Orchestra (Score and Piano Reduction available)op. 90Schott 130'
Mass Settings... 
MISSA BREVIS (with Credo) (in Latin) for mixed Choir, Ob., Cor Angl. , 2 Bssn., 2 Tpt. in C, 2 Trb.op. 5aSchott18'
MISSA CANTABO DOMINO (in Latin) for mixed Choir a cappella op. 16Schott14'
MISSA BREVIS (without Credo) (in Latin) for Verse Singers, unison Choir, Congregation, Organop. 18bManuscript12'
MISSA BREVIS (without Credo) (in Latin) for Soprano and Alto Voices, Organ (Arrangement of op. 18b)op. 18cSchott12'
MISSA BREVIS Kyrie and Gloria (in Latin) for Verse Singers, 4 mixed Voices, Organ and Wind Instruments (Arrangement of op. 18b)op. 18dfree download 7'
WUERZBURG CATHEDRAL MASS (in German) for Soloists, Choir, Congregation and large Orchestra (the same arranged for Soloists, Choir, Congregation, Strings and Organ) op. 31


MISSA "LAUDATE PUERI" (in Latin) for mixed Choir, Wind Instruments, Organ and Percussionop. 98b Schott18'
Propers. . .  
INTROITUS AND ALLELUJA for mixed Choir and Tpt. in B-flat  Manuscript7' 
PROPRIUM for Easter Sunday (German) for Verse Singers, Choir, Congregation, Organ  Manuscript 10'
GERMAN PSALM PROPER for Verse Singers, Choir, Congregation, Organ Orbis10'
PROPER for the Festival of the Apostles to the Franks for Soloists, Choir, Congregation, large Orchestraop. 32


Motets . . .  
TO THE KING OF GLORY (in German) for 6 to 8-part mixed Choir a cappellaop. 18aWalhall15'40"
GLORY TO GOD - GLORIA (in German and English) for 4-part Choir a cappella . Schott 5'
SILENT NIGHT, 3 Variations (in English) for Speaker and mixed Choir a cappella Schott 8'
HYMN OF THANKS (in German) for 4 to 8-part Choir a cappella op. 57bSchott 9'10"
FUNERAL SONG (in German) for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella; Text: Zenetti  free download 2'30"
OFFERING OF THANKS (in German) for mixed Choir a cappella. Coppenrath 5'
LORD, OPEN OUR HEARTS (in German) for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella free download 4'50"
MAN DOES NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE (in German) for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella. free download 3'20"
LORD, HOW NUMEROUS ARE YOUR WORKS (Ps. 104) (in German) for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella free download 5'30"
PRAISE THE LORD (Daniel 3) (in German) for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella. free download 2'30"
BREATHE IN ME, THOU HOLY SPIRIT (in German) Motet for 3-part mixed Choir a cappella Doblinger 2'30"
COME HOLY SPIRIT; SANCTIFY US (in German) Motet for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella. Doblinger 4'50"
THE LORD SEND YOU HELP (in German) Motet for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella Doblinger 1'05"
AWAKE; ARISE (in German) Motet for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella. free download 2'10"
I WILL PRAISE THE LORD ALWAYS (in German) for 4-part mixed Choir a cappella Manuscript 2'15" 
I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES (in German) for SAB a cappella. Doblinger 1'30"
I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE (in German) for 4 mixed Voices a cappella Doblinger 1'30"
MAY ANGELS ATTEND YOU ON THE WAY TO PARADISE (in German) for 3 equal Voices a cappella. Doblinger 2'
CANTATE DOMINO (in Latin), Motet for 4-part male-voice Choir a cappellaop. 97cSchott 3'10"
VENI, CREATOR SPIRITUS Motet based on the Gregorian hymn for two mixed choirs (SATB/SATB) and organ
op. 97dSchott3'30"
GEGR▄SSET SEIST DU, MARIA for 6 to 8-part Choir a cappella (in German)op. 97e1Schott 2'40"
AVE MARIA for 6 to 8-part Choir a cappella (in Latin)op. 97e2Schott 2'40"

OFFERTORIUM for mixed Choir, 2 Ob., 2 Bssn., 2 Trp. in C, 2 Trb.op. 5bManuscript 5'
REVELATION OF NEW LIFE Advent Cantata for Alto solo, mixed Choir and Chamber Orchestraop. 8Schott15'
TO THE KING OF ETERNITY (in German) for mixed Choir, 2 Ob., 2 Bssn., Tpt. in C, Trb., Db. op. 17Schott16'
LAUDA SION for Choir and Orchestra (Fl., Ob., Clar. in B-flat, Bssn., Tpt., Trb., Harpschd., Vla., Vc., Db.)op. 24Manuscript16'
NOW PRAISE GOD UPON HIS LOFTY THRONE (in German) Sacred Song Cantata for mixed Choir, Congregation, Organ . free download
O HOW JOYFULLY (Christmas Carol) for 2 mixed Choirs, 2 Tpt. and 4 Organs op. 54Manuscript11'
OF THE RETURN OF THE LORD (Cantata on the Apocalypse of Saint John) for Soloists, mixed Choir and large Orchestra (Fragment)op. 94 Manuscript 
CHRISTUS HERI (latin/german/italian) - Hymn for Verse Singers, mixed Choir, Congregation, Organop. 103h Carus4'
Solo Song    
SO TURN, MY SOUL, TO YOUR REST (in German) Sacred Concerto for Baritone and Organ . free download
DE PROFUNDIS (in Latin) for Alto and Woodwind op. 5cManuscript 5'
SONG FOR THE WEDDING for Medium Voice and Organ; German Text: M. Hummel.Carus 3'
AVE MARIA (in Latin) for Voice and Organ (Piano) or String Quartet Schott 2'30"
VENI CREATOR (in Latin) for Voice and Organ op. 103gSchott 10'
PRAYER (in German) for Voice and Piano (Organ); Text: Edith Stein free download 
VOCALISE for Voice and Organ (Piano)
Schott 3'
2. Secular Vocal Works       
Choral Works (in German)... 
FOUR CHANSONS after poems by Mascha KalÚko for 3-part Choir a cappella Bertold Hummel Foundation
SONG OF PRAISE for mixed Choir a cappella; Text: K. Heynicke. Tonos 6'30"
11 HAIKU for mixed Choir and Vibraphoneop. 41b Schott15'

Schott 2'
Cantatas (in German)  . . .  
YOU ARE MY ONLY LIGHT for mixed Choir, Solo Flute and Strings; Text: Folk song ca. 1640 Manuscript 8' 
THE FOX AND THE CROW for 4-part male-voice Choir, Percussion, Piano; Text after La Fontaine / German W. Kuechler. Schott 5'
TO MUSIC Fanfare and Hymn for unison Folk Choir, 6 part mixed Choir and large Wind Orchestra; Text: M. Hummel Saaleck-Verlag 3'22" 
Solo Song (in German). . .  
6 SONGS on poems by Hermann Hesse for Voice and Pianoop. 71aSchott 20'
10 SONGS on poems by Theodor Storm for Voice and Pianoop. 71bSchott 25'
AUTUMN DAY (R.M. Rilke) for Voice and Pianoop. 71cfree download 3'
EVENING CLOUD PICTURES for Voice and Piano; Text: M. Hummel. free download 2'
LIFE'S PATH for Voice and Piano; Text: B. von Muenchhausen free download 2'
8 FRAGMENTE from Letters of Vincent van Gogh for Baritone and String Quartetop. 84Schott 18'50"
5 SONGS after Poems by J. v. Eichendorff for Medium Voice and Pianoop. 88bSchott 13'
PHANTASUS, Song Cycle for Medium Voice and Guitar on texts by Arno Holzop. 93Vogt & Fritz24'
VOCALISE for Voice and Piano (Organ)

Schott 3'
4 HAIKU for Medium Voice and Pianoop. 99bSchott 5'30"
LOST HIS HEAD Song Cycle on scurrilous poems by Hermann Hesse for Medium Voice and Piano op. 108Schott15'
IV. Music for Theatre, Radio and Film       
Theatre Music (for "King Lear", "Faust" and "Woyzzeck" amongst others). . .  
Music for Radio Plays (for Works by K. Tucholsky, P. Claudel and J. Kruess amongst others)    
Film music (for 16 films of cultural value). . .  
V. Arrangements       
14 DANCES FROM THE BLACK FOREST for 2. Clar., Trp., 2 VL., DB.. Zimmermann. 
for Violoncello solo
for Double Choir and 12 Wind Instruments
. Manuscript.  
J.S. Bach: INVENTION A-MOLL for 4 Marimbaphones (or 2 Vibraphones and 2 Marimbaphones) Zimmermann 
Arrangements of FAMOUS PIANO PIECES by Smetana, Rubinstein, Schubert for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

VI. Shorter Liturgical Compositions       
Numerous works for Choir, Organ and Wind Instruments have been published by Anton Boehm & Sohn, Carus, Bonifacius, Christophorus, Coppenrath and others. . . 


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