11. Compositions for Guitar 
METAMORPHOSES for Guitarop. 37Simrock8'15"
CONCERTANTE MUSIC for Guitar and String Quartetop. 89aVogt & Fritz22'30"
CONCERTANTE MUSIC for Guitar and String Orchestraop. 89bVogt & Fritz22'30"
PHANTASUS Song Cycle for Medium Voice and Guitar after Texts by Arno Holz op. 93Vogt & Fritz24'
12. Compositions for Harp 
DUO CONCERTANTE for Violoncello and Harpop. 33Schott 14'30"
ANDANTINO for Harpop. 77eSimrock 5'20"
TEMPO DI VALSE for Harpop. 88gSimrock 2'30"
GREGORIAN FANTASY for Harp soloop. 97bSimrock 8'30"
13. Compositions for Piano and Harpsichord 
INVOCATION 52 for Pianoop. 7Simrock 5'
BURLESQUE for Piano and Chamber Orchestra op. 13gManuscript 5'
DIVERTIMENTO CAPRICCIOSO for Harpsichord (Piano) and Chamber Orchestra (after Pergolesi)op. 15Simrock16'
SONATINA for Pianoop. 56aSimrock 6'30"
ADAGIO in memoriam Benjamin Britten (Piano version)op. 62a2Schott 6'
NOTTURNO for Piano (The New Piano Book)op. 75bSchott 3'
TARANTELLA on a Tone Sequence from Chopin's Minute Waltz for Pianoop. 77cSchott 5'
3 PIANO PIECES "Hommage a Alban Berg"op. 83Simrock11'30"
3 WALTZES for Piano (2 and 4 hands)op. 95fSchott 11'
MIMI'S FINGER FUN - Six piano pieces for grandchildren young and old
Lienau 6'
ALBUM LEAF for piano
free download 2'
14. Compositions for Organ 
Organ solo. . .  
INTRODUCTION, ARIOSO AND FUGE for Organop. 4Simrock16'
TRIPARTITA for Organop. 12Simrock11'
ADAGIO for Organop. 21Simrock7'
FANTASY for Organop. 25Simrock14'
ALLELUIA for Organ op. 44Simrock7'
CHRIST IS RISEN for Organop. 57cBonifacius5'
MEDITATION for Organ "VENI, SANCTE SPIRITU"op. 77aW.-Mueller-Verlag6'10"
PRELUDE IN D for Organop. 85bfree download3'
IMPROVISATION "Come, Creator Spirit" for Organ op. 85cfree download2'30"
POSTLUDE "Let us rejoice" for Organop. 85dfree download2'
FANTASY for Organ (for F. Lehrndorfer)op. 87cBertold Hummel Fondation 5'20"
IN MEMORIAM ANTON BRUCKNER for Organop. 91aSchott 26'20"
AD MISSAM for 2 Organsop. 97fSchott 15'
FANTASIA for Organ op. 101eEditions Combre5'
BENEDICAMUS DOMINO for Organ op. 102Schott17'20"
Organ with Instruments    
SOSTENUTO for Viola and Organop. 11bSimrock5 
METAMORPHOSES ON B-A-C-H for Organ and Wind (2 Ob., Cor Angl., 2 Bssn., 3 Trp.in C<1st auch hoch B-flat>, 3 Trb.)op. 40Simrock22'
FIVE BIBLICAL SCENES for Oboe and Organop. 45Simrock16'40"
DIALOGUES for Violin and Organop. 63Schott 17'30"
INVOCATIONES for Trumpet in C and Organop. 68aSchott21'40"
INVOCATIONES for Soprano Saxophone in B-flat and Organop. 68bSchott21'40"
IN MEMORIAM ... for Organ and Percussion (dedicated to the memory of my friend Dietrich von Bausznern)op. 74Schott13'30"
IN HONOREM ... for Organ and Percussionop. 98aZimmermann12'10"
ELEGY for Viola and Organ Schott5'10''
VOCALISE for Oboe and Organ
Schott 3'
VOCALISE for Clarinet or Soprano Saxophone in B-flat and Organ
Schott 3'
VOCALISE for Alto Saxophone and Organ
Schott 3'
Organ and Voice. . .  
SO TURN; MY SOUL; TO YOUR REST Sacred Concerto for Baritone and Organ Manuscript12' 
Song FOR THE WEDDING for Medium Voice and Organ; Text: M. Hummel. Carus 3'
AVE MARIA for Voice and Organ Manuscript2'30
VENI CREATOR for Voice and Organop. 103gSchott 8'10
VOCALISE for Voice and Organ
  Schott 3' 
15. Compositions for Percussion 
LUDI a TRE for Oboe, Percussion and Pianoop. 29Simrock18'30"
FRESCOS 70 for Percussion Quartetop. 38Simrock12'30"
11 HAIKU for mixed Choir and Vibraphoneop. 41bSchott15'
PENTAFONIA for Percussion and Stringsop. 53aSimrock25'50"
PENTAFONIA for Percussion and Piano op. 53bSimrock25'50"
IKONEN for Vibraphoneop. 57aPeters14'30"
FIVE SCENES for two Percussionistsop. 58Zimmermann14'45"
CONCERTO for Percussion and large Orchestraop. 70Schott30'
IN MEMORIAM ... for Organ and Percussion (dedicated to the memory of my friend Dietrich von Bausznern)op. 74Schott13'30"
TEMPO DI VALSE for Vibraphone op. 76cSchott 3'
FIVE INVOCATIONS for Percussion soloop. 81bZimmermann13'
TRIO for Trumpet, Percussion and Pianoop. 82aZimmermann 12'
DUETTINO for Vibraphone and Pianoop. 82bSchott 7'20"
CONCERTANTE MUSIC for Vibraphone/Marimbaphone (one player) and Strings (Piano reduction included)op. 86Schott 25'
DEDICATION for Percussion soloop. 87gfree download2'30"
DUE a DUE for Soprano Saxophone in B-flat and Percussionop. 88aAdvance 8'
5 ASPEKTS for 3 Percussionistsop. 88dSimrock13'
QUATTRO PEZZI for Percussion soloop. 92Zimmermann18'
MARIMBANA for Marimba soloop. 95dZimmermann 8'
IN HONOREM ... for Percussion and Organop. 98aZimmermann12'10"
8 PICTURES IN SOUND on Pictures by Andreas Felger for Percussion solo (with Dias)op. 99aZimmermann21'20
3 METAPHORS for Fl. (Vl.), Vib. and Harpsichord (Piano)op. 101cZimmermann13'20"
APHORISMS ON B-A-C-H for Percussion solo and Stringsop. 105Vogt & Fritz18'
ASIAGO for Percussion and Violoncello op. 107bSchott16'
110901 for Percussion solo and Speaker with Text by Reiner Taudin "Black Tuesday"op. 107dZimmermann8'
Arrangement: J.S. Bach: INVENTION A-MOLL for 4 Marimbaphones (or 2 Vibraphones and 2 Marimbaphones) Zimmermann 
16. Compositions for Accordion 
TRIPARTITA for Accordion and String Quartetop. 85aSchott21'35"
17. Compositions for Dulcimer 
TEMPO DI LAENDLER: Study for Dulcimerop. 88ePreissler 4' 
FANTASIA POETICA for Viola and Dulcimerop. 101bVogt & Fritz16'30"


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